Find your perfect holiday home in Croatia
The story is quite simple. We fell in love with holiday homes in Croatia 2 years ago. We came to Istria for summer vacation, because Italy was booked out. So we decided to try out Croatia.

After just one week we fell in love with the country, the nature, the people and the real estate.

We decided quite quickly to invest into our own holiday home. While searching we disocvered how insanely difficult that was?

1. What are the right prices?
2. What are the best properties to invest in?
3. How does the market develop over time?
4. What are the right people to work with?
5. How does buying real estate work?
6. How can we make sure that our money is safe?
7. How do we handle our properties?

It took us two more or less painful years to go through that process.

This site has just one goal: present to you handpicked and carefully selected properites that we would also invest in ourselves.  We curate the massive amount of properties that are listed all over the place,

1. In not always excellent quality
2. With different prices
3. With hardly any background information

It is our vision to help you find the best holiday home possible for your budget or investment goals.

So have a look and enjoy and let us know in case there are any open questions.
Just send us an Email under thomas.langenberg@stylondo.com.

Best regards,
Thomas Langenberg
Are you looking for an extraordinary piece of holiday home? Are you looking for a status symbol, a quiet place for your family or a cash generating AirBnB rental?

Then this is the right place for you.

Have a look at our properties and let us know how we can be of any help.
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My name is Thomas Langenberg. I have been investing in real estate for more than 10 years now. Three years ago I fell in love with real estate in Croatia and have ever since been deeply involved in buying, renting and sell holiday homes and vacation rental properties in Croatia.

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