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For sale: Luxurious Seaview Apartment
"When I first arrived at the apartment I was not overly impressed, but when I entered the front door something amazing happened ..." - J. Böhm, Real Estate Investor
Opatija-Volosko, Apartment for sale
For sale: Perfect AirBnB Vacation Rental
"I am a very concious real estate investor, but you would not believe what happened to me when I looked a the numbers ..."  - C. Lorand, Investor
Opatija-Poljane, House for sale
For sale: Stunning villa above marvellous beaches at the Opatija Riviera
"When I first visited Moscenica Draga, I fell totally in love ..." - T. Langenberg, Real Estate Investor
Moscenice, Opatija-Riviera, Villa for sale
Villas to buy in Croatia
Are looking for a villa to buy in Croatia. Anywhere from Istria, to Kvarner or to Dalmatia. We provide you with a carefully crafted selection of properties that have we have inspected and researched in depth to provide you with a good feeling and confidence that your real estate investment in Croatia is safe.

We select a variety of properties. Properties that are luxurious and can easily become status symbols. But we also look at properties that work well and nicely as vacation rentals to make a living from. So the range of villas you might find here is wide. Most important is that all properties have gone through our thorough study.

Holiday homes to buy in Croatia
Are you looking for our perfect holiday home to spend your summer vacation, your weekend hideaway or your live as retiree? Then our platform might be a good start for your search.

On our site you will find holiday homes that we know by heart. Most of the properties listed here have been studied and looked at by our due dilligence team. We only list holiday homes in Croatia that are properly documented and worth an investment from our point of view.

Why don't you just give it a try and have a look at the properties listed here.
Real estate investing in Croatia
You are interested in learning how to invest into Croatian real estate in some of the touristic destinations? Welcome! This is a great place to start you search and study. We have all experts and services providers at hand that can help you find the perfect real estate investment target for your budget or fund size.

In case you have any questions regarding your search, just drop us a message and we will be happy to get back to you. There is almost no question which we have not yet covered or studied, because we do invest a lot ourselves.
Are you looking for an extraordinary piece of holiday home? Are you looking for a status symbol, a quiet place for your family or a cash generating AirBnB rental?

Then this is the right place for you.

Have a look at our properties and let us know how we can be of any help.
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